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Types of Roman Shades in Indianapolis

Types of Roman Shades in Indianapolis

roman shades in IndianapolisRoman Shades in Indianapolis Indiana are a great way to dress up your windows.  You can choose from many different shade products and an assortment of colors and patterns.  Roman Shades can add texture to your décor while providing you with optimum light control, privacy and energy-saving insulation, they are a great option when you need new window treatments in Indianapolis.  Here are a few of the products available at All About Windows at Kern Palmer Interiors:

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Vignette® modern Roman Shades in Indianapolis Indiana make a wonderful addition to your room. They come in a variety of colors and handpicked fabrics that are designed to hold their shape and style.   They come in different fold sizes from 4” to 6” for a modern look.  They also have superior linings for a uniform look from the outside and added light-control and insulation.  Your design consultant at Kern Palmer’s can help you design a perfect look for your home with Vignette® Modern Roman Shades.

Design Studio™ Roman Shades

Design Studio™ Roman Shades come in a wide variety of timeless fabrics like cotton, silk and linen. There are many styles and patterns to choose within each color family.   They are easy to customize with tapes, trims and designer valences that complement the colors in your Roman shades.  Neutral color linings add to the stability of your Design Studio™ Roman Shades and provide light control and energy-saving insulation.  Your design consultant from Kern Palmer can help you find just the right color and fabric choice.

Solera™ Soft Shades

These aren’t truly Roman Shades but are made with cellular construction so they look similar to Roman Shades.  They are made of woven and non-woven material in a variety of color options.  They are able to darken a room if you want to block out the sunlight or they can filter light for soft glow and some natural lighting.

Operating Systems For Roman Shades in Indianapolis

When it comes to operating your Indianapolis Roman Shades, you can choose from typical cord operations to more sophisticated control and automation.  Hidden cords and child safety may be a concern you have and there are options that address these issues.  You also can control the shades by remote control or through your phone app or computer software.  There are many ways to hang the Roman Shades to get the most benefit from them.

Your Design Consultant Can Help You Choose the Best Solution

When it comes to deciding on the product, style, operating system, and designer options like valances and trim, your design consultant can help you navigate through the many options and find a perfect fit for your taste and lifestyle.  Because you are shopping in your own home, it is easy to visualize colors and patterns and to match things to your décor.  Once you’ve made your selection your design consultant can measure each window for a perfect fit and order your Roman Shades in Indianapolis.  Professional installers will finish the job, satisfaction guaranteed.  Call All About Windows at Kern Palmer Interiors and schedule your in-home consultation today.