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Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Vignette Roman Shades

Vignette Roman Shades in Indianapolis Indiana make a wonderful statement in any room.  If you are looking for sophisticated, beauty Vignette Roman Shades make an excellent choice.  They come in horizontal and vertical orientation and a complete line of hand picked fabrics that are designed to hold their shape and style indefinitely.

Modern Vignette Roman Shades

Choose from different fold styles and sizes from traditional yet modern 4” to 6”.  They come in a variety of styles that fit any size window.  When you dress your windows with Hunter Douglas window treatments, you don’t have to worry about how your windows will look from the inside or the outside.  They are virtuously cordless so there are no ugly cords on the inside and with neutral fabric backings, your windows will look great on the outside too.

Alustra Vignette Roman Shades

Alustra Vignette Roman Shades come in an exclusive collection of designer fabrics that fold perfectly.  These exclusive fabrics offer unique rich textures and a finished look that will transform your room.  They are a great option for people who want to elevate their style.

Designer Fabrics

The fabrics developed for Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shades come in twelve different styles, including Satin Weave, Heather, Grass Weave, India Silk and Shantung.  All fabrics can be purchased by the yard to allow coordination with all your other home furnishings.  This allows you to customize your home, as you like.  The fabrics are stain and dust resistant making them easy to care for and designed to last.

Vignette Roman Shades are part of the Hunter Douglas counterparts program, which gives you more options.  This means the fabrics used in your Vignette Roman Shades will also match other Hunter Douglas product lines like Luminette.  This means you can easily mix and match window treatments without being limited by one style.

Working with Your Window Treatment Professional

You can schedule a no-hassle, free in-home consultation to get to know the product; it’s features, textures and materials, and the mechanics of your Vignette Roman Shades.  Together we’ll allow your home, its style, colors and lighting, inspire you to choose the exquisite shades you were looking for.

Let us do the work, measuring your shades and accessing the lighting to make sure your purchase is perfect.

When installation time comes our professional technicians will do what they do best and before long you will be enjoying your beautiful new look.  Remember your purchases are guaranteed to satisfy you and are backed by Hunter Douglas’s lifetime guarantee.

Powering Your Shades

PowerRise with Platinum Technology allows you to easily raise or lower individual window shades with the touch of a button.

We also offer the Platinum App that works with your mobile device to control motorized products wirelessly.  With this app you can control your window treatments by window, room or throughout your house.

Hunter Douglas window treatments can be seamlessly integrated into most home automation systems, which make them a nice addition to you home.

If you are looking for Vignette Roman Shades in Indianapolis Indiana, All About Windows at Kern Palmer Interiors has what you’re looking for.