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Pirouette Window Shades Indianapolis IN

Pirouette Window Shades


Pirouette Window Shades by Hunter Douglas are a beautifully, elegant window treatment that gives you ultimate versatility in a horizontal fabric shading. They feature 4” or 5” soft fabric vanes that appear to float on a sheer backing. When closed they resemble contemporary shades but when open they give you the dramatic effect of drawing natural light into your room and giving you tremendous see through ability.

The Beauty Of Shades

Pirouette Window Shades transform harsh exterior light by diffusing it, and spreading it evenly throughout your room. This allows you to maximize day light hours and reduce your need for artificial light. With Pirouette Window Shades you can softly filter out brightness, glare and UV rays that can harm or fade your furnishings and flooring.

The Beauty of Pirouette Window Shades

Made with Invis-Lift innovation, you can enjoy seamless beauty as you view through sheer fabric and floating vanes with no obstructing cords or tapes. This allows you to maximize the view while maintaining a discreet level of privacy. You can also enjoy the look and privacy of closed shades and the room darkening effect if you like.

Pirouette Window Shades come in a variety of semi-opaque and room darkening colors to match your existing décor. You will be delighted with the vast assortment of hues available. With Hunter Douglas Counterparts Program you can easily mix and match horizontal and vertical window fashions fabric across multiple product lines.

Working with Your Window Treatment Professional

Call All About Windows at Kern Palmer Interiors, to schedule a no-hassle, free in-home consultation to get to know the features, textures and color and design options of Pirouette Window Shades. Together we can design an option that will look great and be easy to operate.

Let us do the work, measuring your windows and designing your shades so that your purchase will be perfect.

When installation time comes our professional technicians will do what they do best and before long you will be enjoying your beautiful new look. Remember your purchases are guaranteed to satisfy you and are backed by Hunter Douglas’s lifetime guarantee.

Operating Pirouette Window Shades

You can choose from our revolutionary UltarGlide system that features a retractable cord eliminating the need for unsightly cords dangling down or our EasyRide loop that allows you to pull on a loop cord to raise and lower your shades.

We also offer PowerRise with Platinum technology that allows you to raise and lower your shades at the touch of a button. The Platinum App is also available that works with your mobile device so that you can control your shades over your wireless network. You can control your shades individually, by room or throughout your house.  For more convenience and security, you can also include your Hunter Douglas Pirouettes in your home automation software.