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Decorating A Winning Reception Area

Decorating A Winning Reception Area

Reception Area Window Treatments

How you brand your company and the first impression you hope to make is often what you think about when decorating a winning reception area.  Kern Palmer Interiors,  All About Windows can help with reception area window treatments.  You will be amazed how easy it is to design a stunning reception area with the right Hunter Douglas window fashions.  Here are a few things to consider when planning your reception area.

decorating a winning reception area

Function Meets Beauty

With the high cost of leased office space, it is no wonder that many companies use their reception area for more than a waiting area.  Often it doubles as a employee lounge during lunch or an after hour meeting area.  It also may be the only entrance to your office space so you have to have an area that can accommodate deliveries and high traffic without causing confusion.  Decorating a winning reception area means that you first must decide what furnishings are essential and then accessorize around those furnishings.

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You Style And Speaks Volumes

Some industries have a set style that people expect.  For example, if you go to your attorney’s office you expect plush furnishings and traditional decor.  Not every company or industry requires the same reception area decor.  Whether your style is minimal, contemporary or rustic, what you pick for your reception area will speak volumes to your clients about you and your values.  The moment your guests step into your office building, they are making an impression.  The saying “there is no second chance to make a first impression” is true.  Your clients can often look at your reception area and decide if you are broke or successful and if they don’t feel comfortable in the setting, they may not want to do business with you.

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Creating a Warm Environment

Although your clients may be more interested in a warm smile, competent service and results, your reception area can help with the overall feeling they get when they come to your office.  Adding natural sunlight and plants may give them a good feeling and help them relax.  Entering into a clean, well kept space might make them spend the time waiting to unwind from their own busy day.  Having accessories that draw their attention might help take their mind off problems and this creates a warm, relaxing environment.  Hunter Douglas Window Fashions are designed to look and fit perfectly.  We can help you choose the best window treatments for your office to create a coordinated look that works well with your buildings architecture and window placements.


Decorating A Winning Reception Area

All About Windows can help you use Indianapolis Window Treatments to create a unique space that fits your business and the brand you are trying to create.  You can expect quality window treatments that will stand up to the elements in the most busy reception areas, and look amazing year after year.  Call All About Windows and let our design consultant help you decorate a winning reception area.  You will love the look and how it reflects your business.